About our

Quality is the core factor that brings businesses to the leading position in the market.
People are the fundamental factor contributing to the growth of the business, and at the same time affirming our position in the field.

Always do what the business has built, built the brand since the company was established.

  • Premium product line leading the market, accounting for 80% of the market share.
  • Creating value and problem-solving products and more.
  • Confident in the production line and superior product distribution in the general market
  • Ensure customer support and care during product use
33 years of experience in the field

Product lines

  • Sơn tàu biển
  • Sơn mạ kẽm AC-ZN
  • Sơn economy
  • Sơn dân dụng
  • Sơn công nghiệp
  • Sơn chống cháy SHP WB